Trust & Estate Litigation

Our experienced estate and trust litigation lawyers handle complex and high-profile cases.  Our estate litigation team combines extensive experience in taxation, acute understanding of estate planning and administration and in-depth knowledge of the Probate Court's practice and procedure, offering the skill and expertise required for any estate proceeding.  Our attorneys have successfully represented individuals and families in a broad range of Probate Court litigation, including contested wills and trusts, contested fiduciary accounting proceedings, proceedings for the discovery and turnover of estate or trust assets, breaches of fiduciary duty, will and trust contests, capacity issues, claims of undue influence and financial elder abuse.

We are known for being tough, fair, efficient but caring.  This has earned us the respect of clients, colleagues, opposing counsel and, most importantly, the judges before whom we appear.  In addition, our attorneys have excelled in many difficult cases where others have failed.  Our team is valued by our clients not only for their superior legal skills and for their aggressive defense of the rights of their clients, but also for their sensitivity in addressing personal issues that often arise in family situations and for helping clients recognize and avoid potential family conflicts.